Do you have a job related domain name?


Perhaps you've bought one in the past and haven't got round to creating your own JobBoard?


Perhaps you've been thinking about buying one?

If you have an idea for a domain name then check these domains they only cosa small amount per year. Check to see if your idea is currently available.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to be a web designer?
- No.
Do I need to own a domain name?
- Yes.
Will I have to transfer ownership of my domain name?
- No, but you must be able to change your nameservers.
Are there any set-up costs?
- Standard one-off set-up costs are £149.00
How will I fill my site with relevant jobs?
- We will find the best publisher to compliment your site.
Can I choose which Jobs are included on my site?
- You can choose your own jobs from specific categories and locations. Most are available and will be provided on set-up.
Do I get to choose the design?
- We will change the colour scheme and logo on set-up.
Can I change anything on my new JobBoard?
- Working with you, we will alter the site introduction including using your images and hypertext links.
- You can include your own RSS Feed, be that a job, news or event feed.
- Change the links on your home page.
Can I install Google Analytics on my new site?
- Yes, all you need to do is let us have the Tracking ID found on your Google analytics account.
How do I get paid?
- We will advise you at the beginning of the month for the month previous. You invoice us and we pay direct into your Paypal account within the first 14 days of the month.
How much money will I make?
- This does depend on what traffic you can generate to your site and the applications or Page Views thereafter. The busier your site the more money you will make.
Is there a minimum time that you ask for?
- This agreement comes with a 6 month notice period.
What do I do next?
- Contact us and have a chat or have a look at Belper Jobs as an example of what you can expect.
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